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flaconi and L'Oréal Luxe develop with Studio71 first fragrance campaign with 3D compositions


Berlin, 15.12.22 - flaconi and L'Oréal Luxe are launching a digital fragrance campaign with virtual influencer Yuna. On the Instagram profile @iamyunaverse of the virtual influencer, who is a creation of Studio71, four flaconi bestsellers and L'Oréal Luxe highlight fragrances were presented in a new setting. Innovative 3D collages were created for the joint campaign, which were successively published on the Instagram channels of flaconi and Yuna from 05.12.22 onwards.

"The trend of working with virtual influencers has now also arrived in Germany and we are delighted to be able to launch our first digital campaign in this innovative field together with our partner L'Oréal Luxe. With Yuna, created by Studio71, we can provide a completely new platform and exciting form of presentation for the extraordinary fragrances in the metaverse," says Dorit Posdorf, CCO at flaconi, describing the joint campaign.

Studio71, the digital media and entertainment company of ProSiebenSat.1 Group, created the photo-realistic and virtual influencer and developed the appearance, character, tone of voice and content production of the digital personality.

Yunaverse - Yuna's virtual universe

Yuna is 22 years old, lives in Berlin, eats a vegetarian diet and has a pigmentation disorder. She is interested in fashion, lifestyle, beauty, but also skating, art & culture and nature. Her focus topics on her Instagram channel @iamyunaverse are female empowerment, body positivity, sustainability and mindfulness. In this way, she resembles many other women and influencers in the real world, even though she is a fictional computer-generated avatar, she is a purely digital personality and exists only in the metaverse, which opens up new possibilities for her, especially in virtual space.

"Yuna's personality is wide-ranging, she exudes positive vibes and her values and focus topics fit perfectly with flaconi's target group. Despite her digital she conveys naturalness, which was important to us for an authentic collaboration,"explains Stephan Mischek, Head of Social Media at flaconi.

flaconi's best-selling fragrances from L'Oréal Luxe shine in new splendour

The digital campaign focused on the four four flaconi bestsellers and L'Oréal Luxe fragrances Libre - Yves Saint Laurent, - Giorgio Armani, Paradoxe - Prada and Alien - Mugler. The fragrances were each integrated into their own creative setting and made them a digital experience. Thereby each of the four collages is based on the fragrance character, the fragrance notes and the bottle design of the scents each of which stands at Yuna's side at the centre of the image composition.

"Fragrances exist in a different way in the metaverse: They are like a spiritual place of inspiration and each fragrance creates its own atmosphere. Yuna explores precisely these places in the metaverse and presents the highlight fragrances. In the process, each fragrance is reinterpreted on the visual level through its individual scents in the virtual spaceby means of innovative 3D collages," explains Andreas Meißner, Senior Vice President Creators & Innovation at Studio71, on the connection between the real and virtual worlds in the joint campaign. The content was published on the Instagram channels @iamyunaverse and They were promoted with an Instagram ad campaign by flaconi to generate additional reach.

Image data is available for download at this link.



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15 December 2022

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