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Orientation, recommendations and specialist company referral for all homeowners in Germany

Berlin, October 11, 2022 - Many people are currently concerned about the rapidly rising prices for electricity and gas. At the same time, environmental and climate protection are increasingly becoming the focus of projects and investments in residential buildings. More and more homeowners therefore want to make their owner-occupied property more economical and at the same time more sustainable. But what is the best way to go about it? Where can helpful information be found for the relevant projects? And how can you find available specialist companies quickly and easily? Answers to these questions and assistance with the realization of house projects give the new service offer "Energieeffizientes Wohnen" (energy efficient living), which Aroundhome, Germany prominent recommendation platform for homeowners, started now. With the first of a whole series of planned new theme worlds, Aroundhome is heralding the relaunch of its platform and positioning itself emphatically as a central information and service partner as well as a provider of orientation for all major topics relating to one's own home.

Heating and hot water consume around 80% of total energy consumption in private households.* Meanwhile, the annual gas costs for a single-family home (average consumption of 20,000 kilowatt hours and a heating capacity of 13 kilowatts) are just under EUR 3,600:** At the same time, around one-fifth (18%) of CO2 emissions in Germany are generated by housing - for example, by heating and electricity.*** This demonstrates the pressure on homeowners to take action, both financially and in terms of environmental policy. However, those who want to respond are often lost in a jungle of legal, technical and economic issues. The new Aroundhome service offer "Energieeffizientes Wohnen" provides a remedy.

"Energieeffizientes Wohnen": orientation, recommendations and mediation
With its new "Energieeffizientes Wohnen" theme world, Aroundhome offers orientation, recommendations and mediation from a single source: high-quality content in the form of specialist articles, podcasts, videos and, in the future, expert webinars will provide focused and practical basic knowledge and clarify questions such as: How can I save energy and reduce costs? How much does it cost to renovate a house to make it more energy-efficient - regardless of whether it involves new windows or modernizing the heating system? How do I apply for a subsidy? The comprehensive information content not only creates transparency (e.g. What does a roof need to be like in order to install a photovoltaic system on it?), but also provides valuable recommendations for suitable and future-proof solutions. Smart service tools such as checklists, requirements calculators, etc. help to determine relevant key figures and make economically sensible investment decisions. The linchpin of the new service offering is the elaborate matchmaking process, which brings homeowners together with potential specialist companies for the implementation of their projects in a simple, fast and targeted manner: After a structured analysis of the customer's needs via an online questionnaire, an availability check is carried out automatically and in real time among the trade companies registered with Aroundhome ("Live Partner Check"). If this is positive, the inquiry is further qualified by Aroundhome in a telephone conversation with the customer in order to validate the concrete need. On this basis, the homeowners are then referred to up to three suitable project partners in their area.

"There are over 15 million homeowners in Germany. For them, living in their own house means freedom and a sense of well-being; their own home is their place of retreat and their oasis, in short, their home. But having your own four walls also brings work and worries, because there's always something to do: repair something here, replace something there, or even extensively modernize at times. But how do you go about it? Which projects make sense? What needs to be considered? What costs do you have to reckon with? And with whom should you implement the project? A wrong decision here can quickly become really expensive," explains Moritz Kothe, CEO Aroundhome. "What these people need is an orientation guide that leads them through their projects in a simple, safe and goal-oriented way. Our claim and our goal is to do just that with the new Aroundhome: We want to provide homeowners with the best possible support in planning and preparing their projects, reduce complexity, stress and uncertainties in all decisions concerning their own home and thus contribute to a success-oriented realization of their house projects. With information, advice and services from a single source and from a single platform. So that all parties involved can focus on the essentials." Aroundhome is planning further dedicated theme worlds in the coming months to support homeowners in all relevant projects related to their own homes.

* Source:, "Saving heating costs - how it works", September 2022.

** Source: Verivox consumer price index, August 2022

*** Source:, "Figure of the week", March 2021



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11 October 2022

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